MISSING: Day-90 Study Results on Impact of FX-322 on Tinnitus…

FX-322 tinnitus missing milk carton memeNotably absent from the recent FX-322 data readout: partial data on measures of FX-322 on tinnitus.

In fact, there is no mention of “tinnitus” at all.


What’s going on?

Dear Frequency Therapeutics,

We understand that the timing and completeness of data readouts is subject to change. Such is the nature of forward looking statements.

But when things do change – things such as the availability of FX-322 day-90 tinnitus-related data – you ought to mention it.

Consider this:

Your clinical trials include tinnitus-related outcomes as a secondary outcome measure…

Your previous press releases mention tinnitus…

Your corporate presentations and event slides mention tinnitus.

In January, you listed “partial data on measures of FX-322 on tinnitus” as part of the anticipated phase 2a readout (planned for late Q1 2021)…

And yet, two days ago, on March 23, you released an update that did not even include the word “tinnitus” in the text.

Not even in the tiny text at the bottom. (We looked everywhere.)

Why not?

Until Frequency Therapeutics releases a statement or formal update on tinnitus study results, it is reasonable to assume there is no good news. There seems to be no other explanation as to why the word tinnitus was “scrubbed” from the ongoing list of talking points.

skeptical cat meme fx-322

Prove us wrong, Frequency Therapeutics.

Because we hope we’re wrong. We hope there’s promising tinnitus data somewhere that someone forgot to publish or mention. But, sadly, that seems unlikely.

To our readers: as soon as we have more information about FX-322 and tinnitus… we will be sending it out via the email newsletter. But it’s important to remember that FX-322 is NOT the only “horse in the race” toward effective tinnitus treatments. Others exist. And we will be posting information about them next week. (Note: these treatments have received far less mainstream attention and PR than “famous” upcoming drugs such as FX-322… yet some are surprisingly further along in their development than you might expect.)

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