Harvard Scientists Identify Metabolomic Biomarkers of Persistent Tinnitus that May Contribute to Discovery of Novel Therapeutic Targets

Sneak preview of a fascinating podium presentation titled, “A Population-Based Study of Plasma Metabolomic Biomarkers of Persistent Tinnitus”, from the upcoming 45th Annual ARO MidWinter Meeting.

“We conducted the first large-scale study using metabolic profiling in human plasma samples to identify novel tinnitus metabolic biomarkers and pathoetiologic metabolic pathways.”

As the authors explain,“Analyzing metabolite profiles in relation to tinnitus may provide insights into its underlying pathophysiology and reveal potential therapeutic targets for alleviation of tinnitus symptoms.”

The results? Here is the conclusion — from the research abstract:

This first large population-based metabolomics study of tinnitus identified several plasma metabolites and metabolite classes that were significantly associated with persistent tinnitus. These findings provide insight into metabolic pathways involved in tinnitus etiology and contribute to the discovery of novel therapeutic targets for effective treatment.

ARO 2022 Metabolomics Tinnitus Preview

More “sneak previews” from ARO 2022 to follow…

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