Major analysis of tinnitus patients’ hearing loss points to “stochastic resonance” (SR) as root cause of tinnitus

… but could “SR Model of Tinnitus Development” someday lead to a potential cure?

This study was published online on April 23, 2019. However, until a few days ago, it was not “public” or indexed online. (A search for the title on PubMed returns no results.)

But now that it has been found, it deserves the tinnitus community’s attention…

Yet another root cause of tinnitus discovered?

According to researchers in Germany:

The brain constantly optimizes information transmission into the hearing system by physiological neuronal processes (stochastic resonance, SR) which can diminish hearing loss. Tinnitus develops as a side product. This hypothesis is supported by animal model data as well as by data from a collective of more than 40.000 patients with and without tinnitus.


More information about this will be posted here soon.

Until then, here is a link to the study:

And here is a link to further reading on stochastic resonance (SR):

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