BREAKTHROUGH: NAC/HPN-07, also known as the Hough Ear Institute’s NHPN-1010, significantly reduced the incidence of tinnitus, study finds…

Hough Ear Institute tinnitus treatment update:

New research suggests that NAC/HPN-07 treatment (development code name: NHPN-1010) could potentially “reduce, or perhaps reverse, both primary neurodegeneration and excitotoxic trauma in cochleae and prevent or attenuate maladaptive neural plasticity in central auditory pathways.”

In other words, this drug could possibly reduce or even REVERSE tinnitus. At least, that’s what this study is suggesting.

Some more context: this was studied in a blast-induced model of tinnitus. However, the results are no less remarkable… and seem to have broader implications…

Here is a link to the study (which was published moments ago, on January 7, 2021):

Electrophysiological assessment and pharmacological treatment of blast-induced tinnitus

NAC/HPN-07 is also known by its code name, NHPN-1010 (the much anticipated Hough Ear treatment). The lead author of this paper is Dr. Richard Kopke, CEO of Hough Ear Institute.

More information about this study and the drug (NHPN-1010) will follow soon. Including some answers about when the treatment mentioned in this paper could be offered in human clinical trials. Hmmm…

A strong start to tinnitus science in 2021. Lots happening 🙂

P.S. Keep an eye on this reddit thread for some discussion, opinion, and unfiltered speculation.

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