Another upcoming Neuromod Device podium abstract “from the future” (March 29, 2019) – with some interesting implications…

This podium presentation preview was uncovered on the American Academy of Audiology’s AAA 2019 Conference Planner website.

It appears to be a public post (i.e. not a “leak” or “accidental release”), but judging by its view count (33 views as of 02/22/2019 2:40 pm EST), it has not been heavily publicized or received much attention.

TITLE: RP308 – Reproducible and Long-Term Efficacy of a New Treatment for Tinnitus Evaluated in over 500 Patients


So what?

At a glance, this podium abstract doesn’t look much different than the recently-uncovered Neuromod Device study result abstract dated March 2, 2019.

However, there is one small (but significant) detail that is worth pointing out…

Something that offers us insights into the current status of the Neuromod Device and whether or not the company is actively preparing for its public release and distribution to doctors and clinics.

Small abstract, big clues… (take another look)

Top right corner:

CE: 0.05

The CE stands for Continuing Education. The 0.05 is the number of CE credits this presentation offers attendees.

Last paragraph:

Learning Objectives

Think about it.

Hubert Lim, PHD – the Chief Scientific Officer of Neuromod – is traveling across the country… but NOT simply to present and hype up the exciting study results…

Rather, he is on a mission to TEACH audiologists how to “implement this treatment” in their clinics for their tinnitus patients.

Which might have you wondering…

Would he be doing that if Neuromod’s study results were clinically insignificant?

Would he be doing that if the device was not very close to a commercial release?

Would audiologists get CE credits for a presentation about a device that did not work?

Time will tell.


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